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Medcity has been present in Europe since 1990, offering innovative solutions, specializing in medical services for treatment of medical infrastructure.

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  • Breathing / Lung Diseases 30min
    ₹400.00 Book Now
  • Hair Fall 30min
    ₹400.00 Book Now
  • Joints Disease 30min
    ₹400.00 Book Now
  • Psychosomatic Disease 30min
    ₹400.00 Book Now
  • Skin Diseases 30min
    ₹400.00 Book Now
  • Stomach Disease 30min
    ₹400.00 Book Now
  • Urine Diseases 30min
    ₹400.00 Book Now
  • Women Disease 30min
    ₹400.00 Book Now
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